Frequently Asked Questions

What experience does the staff have?

Maria is the groomer and has 18 full years of experience grooming dogs and cats. She has her Pet 1st Aide & CPR certification. Maria also has her AKC Safety in the Salon Certification. She also has her Science of Skin certificate through Iv San Bernard a veterinarian headed program.

George is our head bather and he has his Bather Brusher Certification through Barkleigh. He also is working to complete his Science of Skin Certification. George has his Pet 1st Aid and CPR certification.

Karissa has a total of 4 years bathing and brushing in Texas and Oregon. She has her Pet 1st Aide and CPR certification. She also is working on her Science of Skin Certification through Iv San Bernard.

Do you groom cats?

We do groom cats however we have stipulations on the cats we groom. We will not groom new cats that are over the age of 15. Any cat that shows signs of aggression will be sent home. Cats must come in at 8:00am or 8:30am to allow the groomer to complete the majority of work before dogs start arriving.

How much will it cost to have my dog groomed?

Please Check our SERVICES & STARTING PRICE ESTIMATES page. Every dog and cat is very different so with seeing your pet, condition of your pet and knowing what you want or what your pet needs, we are unable to give an exact price quote but the price chart will give you a starting price point.

How long will it take?

Please allow us 3-4 hours to complete grooming process. If you have 2 dogs allow 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 hours, if you have 3 dogs 4-5 hours etc. Sometimes we are able to complete dogs faster but always be kind enough to not rush the grooming process and stress your groomer and your pet. Quality takes time.

What is included with the grooming?

Basic Full grooming includes: nails dremeled, ears cleaned and plucked (if needed), anal glands externally expressed (if needed), haircut (if needed for that breed), Shampoo and conditioner, completely dried. (this is necessary for your pets skin health and the grooming process) Don’t forget to check out our EXTRA SERVICES!

How often should they be groomed?

Every pet should be groomed ever 4-8 weeks. More often than 4 weeks is just fine, especially if we are using our coat specific shampoo and conditioner. No more than 8 weeks should elapse between grooming.

Will my dog be in a kennel?

For your pets safety, yes! Not having kennels are an accident waiting to happen.

Do you do express grooming?

No, our salon is not set up to do only one dog at a time.

Is someone always watching my dog?

Yes. Pets are never left unattended in the tubs or on the tables. If we need to walk away for any reason we put your pet in their kennel for their safety or have another person stand with them.

Can I watch the grooming process?

No. This stresses and distracts your pet. You are the favorite person and they will want to listen to you not the groomer and that is unsafe. We are working on moving animals with EXTREMELY sharp instruments. Even showing up early can result in exciting your pet and could directly contribute to an accident. Please wait until you are notified that your pet will be completed before coming inside.

What kind of dryers do you use?

We use all types of dryers. We use kennel driers with NO heating element, so your pet will not overheat. We also use high velocity driers to help dry faster. We also have regular hair driers for the finer points of drying.

Can I bring my own shampoo?

Yes you may, however if your pet has skin problems we have a line of products that is far superior to any other products on the market. Feel free to check out Iv San Bernard online or simply ask us! We have our Science of Skin certifications.

How do you handle accidents and emergencies?

We are Safety certified by the AKC SAFE program and Pet 1st Aid and CPR certified so we will respond appropriately. If veterinarian attention is needed we will do our best to take your pet to your veterinary office. However, in some cases it is to far or not possible in which case we will go to Santa Clara Animal hospital or the Emergency Hospital if they are closed.

Do you groom older dogs?

Yes we do. We will not take in new clients who have very elderly dogs. Please talk to us about your pets age and health issues. If we are not the right fit we may know or will help find someone who is.

Do you groom pregnant dogs?

Yes we can but only for established clients. We will have a medical waiver to sign.

Will you groom a dog that has puppies at home?

Possibly, this is circumstantial and you will need to talk to us ahead of time. We instead recommend that your pet gets a closer clip before the puppies arrive to avoid needing “emergency” grooming after the puppies are born.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a complete Policy & Procedure page, please see that for further explanation. The short version is please give us as much time as possible to fill your appointment, but PLEASE refer to the Policy and Procedure page.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. We do not accommodate walk ins.

What if I just need a nail trim?

Nails trims are an in and out service, it should take no more than 10 minutes. We do still require and appointment. We are very flexible on nail trim appointment times. We ask that you text 541-525-2586 the day before (sometimes we can do same day) to request your preferred day and time to come in. We are open 8:00am-5:30pm Tues-Sat.

How much is just a nail trim?

Nail trims will be $12 starting Nov. 1st 2018 Dogs that are difficult for nails trims may cost more or may have to have their nail trim broken up into 2 sessions. We have a punch card for nail trims buy 6 and get the 7th free. Yes, multiple dogs from the same house share a punch card.

When is it best to have a puppy groomed for the first time?

We recommend that they have at least their first 2 sets of puppy shots before exploring the world. We want to get your puppy acclimated as soon as possible to grooming. A Happy puppy groom is the BEST groom to start with! It sets a positive experience for your pet in something they will need to do regularly for their lifetime. The more often and regular you set your appointments the more your pet will enjoy the routine of grooming and accept it as a normal part of life. Our pets Thrive in having a routine!

Does my dog need to be fully vaccinated?

We expect that responsible pet owners work with their veterinarian to decide upon and stay up to date on all vaccines necessary. If your pet bites us, we will need to check for current rabies, if your pet is not current it could result in animal control mandating a quarantine. So please be responsible and vaccinate your pet.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment, all credit cards are welcome. Cash or check is perfectly fine as well, we do have a returned check fee of $35 and we will not be able to accept checks from you. We require payment at the time of service.

Do you have coupons or discounts?

No we cannot accommodate any coupons and we do not discount our services for any reason.